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The British Titanic Society has over twenty years of experience and a wide number of relevant experts amongst its members.

If a statement, opinion or fact-checking on any news story relating to maritime history in the period (whether Titanic, Lusitania or other major historic vessels) is required by any Press organisation or journalist, we would be most happy to assist.

We can be contacted at, which is checked regularly.  Please feel free to forward these details to any interested parties.

Press Statement:

The British Titanic Society was formed in 1987, and in addition to a large following in the United Kingdom now has significant membership from around the world.  Membership provides an opportunity for those interested in the history of the Titanic, the White Star Line and other classic ships to further their knowledge and enjoyment of this fascinating subject by sharing their hobby with fellow enthusiasts.  Alongside our Journal, the ‘Atlantic Daily Bulletin‘, the Society’s Convention offers a weekend of fellowship, learning, and remembrance of that fateful April night, with lectures, a public exhibition and fair, an excursion and many opportunities for discussion and information.  Should you be interested in joining the BTS, information can be found on our membership page and everyone is very welcome.

Society Poster:

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