Titanic Boat Train Heritage Trust

To raise funds, and oversee the restoration of two London & South Western Railway vintage dining saloons to their original 1912 condition.
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How did this come to our attention?

In early 2021, it came to light that two former London & South Western Railway (LSWR) dining saloons, that had been languishing at a heritage railway in South Wales for many years, were in imminent danger of being broken up if a new home for them could not be found. The significance of these railway carriages is that they are the sole survivors of the exact type that formed the Boat Trains that ferried passengers from Waterloo to Southampton, for boarding Titanic on the morning of April the 10th 1912.

The British Titanic Society (BTS) were eager to save the carriages, and after weeks of negotiations to secure their ownership, a partnership was formed with the London & South Western Railway Carriage Group (LSWRCG), at the Mid-Hants Railway’s Watercress Line, to embark on a project to restore the historic examples of Edwardian boat train dining saloons to their 1912 condition.

We need your help

We are currently seeking initial funds to move the two carriages  from their current location to where they will be restored. Please make a donation to help move this project forward.

For more information about this trust, please visit our dedicated Titanic Boat Train Heritage Trust Website.

Global attention

The Titanic Boat Train Heritage Trust in the press

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Carriage Preparation

Fantastic news … we have achieved our first goal of raising the £1,000 needed to install the internal transportation bracing into the two carriages.

Carriage Transportation

Now, we are seeking the £4,000 needed to move the two carriages  from their current location to where they will be restored.

Carriage Shed Preparation

Carriage Shed Equipment