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View aft to bridge from anchor chain cables on forecastle deck. Harland & Wolff Colection. National Museums NI.

Online research resources

Encyclopeadia Titanica
Comprehensive resource for all things Titanic including passenger and crew lists and biographies, deck plans and research articles.

BBC Archive recordings of survivors
Fascinating collection of survivors accounts.

BBC Titanic – faces of the crew
250 photographs of crew members.

BBC Podcasts of Titanic letters
Moving collection of Radio Ulster short broadcasts of letters written before and after the tragedy.

National Archives – Titanic
Searchable passenger/crew lists and an array of articles and images.

Titanic Inquiry Project
Digitised, searchable transcripts of both the British and American Inquiries.

Titanic Facts
Facts and figures in an easy to access format.

Maritime Quest
Large collection of images.

Titanic in Nova Scotia
Details and images of items recovered from the wreck site and archives connected to the recovery of bodies.

Nova Scotia – RMS Titanic resource guide
Includes the list of bodies recovered and digitised original newspapers of the disaster.

National archives Titanic teaching resource
Resource including original archive documents and teachers’ notes.


Places to visit (in alphabetical order)

Merseyside Maritime Museum
Titanic and Liverpool exhibition until December 2017 – free.

Nomadic Belfast
Opening times and events for the Cherbourg tender and last remaining White Star ship.

National Museums of Northern Ireland
Details of the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum’s exhibitions, opening times, prices etc. Also includes detailed Titanic information.

Sea City Museum, Southampton
Southampton’s Titanic Story experience, opening times etc.

Titanic in Belfast
Opening times, prices and details.


Other Titanic Societies (in alphabetical order)

Belfast Titanic Society

Canadian Titanic Society

German Titanic Society

Scandinavian Titanic Society

Swiss Titanic Society

The Irish Titanic Historical Society

Titanic Historical Society

Titanic International Society

Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada



Titanic Commemoration
Selection of images from many previous British Titanic Society conventions.

British Titanic Society Facebook page

British Titanic Society Twitter feed

BBC Coverage 2019 Convention, Southampton

Helen Churchill Candee Brandy Flask sale 2019


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