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Restoring the graves of Titanic passengers and crew, bringing dignity to their loves ones, and keeping memories alive.
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Help restore the graves of the Titanic's passengers and crew

More than 110 years have passed since the Titanic disaster. During this time, the graves of the Titanic’s crew and passengers have been eroded by time, lost, or damaged. The British Titanic Society is looking for your help to restore a number of graves, to ensure the memory of the Titanic and those who travelled upon her stay alive.

Restoring the graves of Titanic passengers and crew, bringing dignity to their loves ones, and keeping memories alive

Trevor Baxter, BTS Graves Co-ordinator, said:

I began researching Titanic gravesites & memorials over 16 years ago, and have located approximately 700; around half of those in the UK… When I brought the idea of this new project to the attention of the British Titanic Society, I was thrilled to discover that the officers of the committee were just as enthusiastic.


With your help, we hope to maintain, replace, and restore the graves and memorials of Titanic’s passengers and crew.

  • Restore graves that are badly damaged
  • Replace graves that have become lost
  • Maintain graves to ensure passengers and crew are remembered

You can visit TitanicMap to see all the graves and memorials of Titanic passengers and crew, alongside museums, exhibitions, and business named after the Titanic.


How many graves will be restored?

– At present we have been given permission for seven headstones by family members to put on unmarked Titanic graves in the Southampton area.

How much does it cost to restore a grave?

– A good example is an unmarked grave identified by Trevor Baxter in Southampton:

Headstone: £1,000
Exclusive Right of Burial for 30 years: £945
Stonemason Fee: £270
Total: 2,215

Can I see the locations of Titanic graves?

– Yes, you can visit https://titanicmap.org to see the location of every Titanic grave around the world.

Can I get involved?

– Yes, if you would like to be involved with this worthwhile project, please contact us via email at: enquiries@britishtitanicsociety.com


August 15, 2021

Titanic Graves Project begins by mapping the sites of grave sites around the world.

May 31st, 2022

The Titanic Graves Project is added to the British Titanic Society website in order to raise funds for this important project.